LogSem Seminar, 2023

A seminar series on program verification, logic, semantics, type theory, proof assistants and related topics.

The presentation format is pretty open. Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to present previous/current work, explain interesting papers, give tutorial talks on topics they find worth sharing. Typically, it is a 45 min presentation + 15 min discussion, but, of course, flexible.

We meet on Mondays from 13:00 to 15:00. Currently all meetings are either in-person (in Ada-333 unless otherwise stated) or virtual on Zoom.

This meeting is organized by Alejandro Aguirre.

A preliminary schedule is available below.

January 16, 2023Pieter Bos, University of TwenteDemonstration of Vercors: a Verifier of Concurrent and Distributed Software
February 6, 2023Satoshi Kura, National Institute of Informatics / University of OxfordHigher-Order Weakest Precondition Transformers via a CPS Transformation

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